Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Dr. Ghavami does perform “non-surgical rhinoplasty” but does not like that terminology. He believes it is misleading and overpromises. However, there is a clear role for fillers in subtle nasal re-shaping. Physicians are now advertising non-surgical nose jobs as a way to acquire patients that would actually benefit from a properly performed rhinoplasty. Patients must be careful because many of the physicians that do filler injections into the nose are not rhinoplasty specialists and may not even be plastic or facial plastic surgeons. If your physician is advertising non-surgical nose jobs and does not perform rhinoplasty on a regular basis, then the chance of cosmetic and medical complications may be increased. The blood supply to the nose as well as the intricate anatomy must be fully understood before fillers or fat are injected.

Dr. Ghavami has seen many patients who have had serial injections of fillers and end up with a nose that is too large and lacks refinement. This can be corrected surgically after some or all the fillers have dissolved; or agents can be injected to dissolve the fillers in order to evaluate the “true” nasal shape more accurately. Furthermore, some fillers that are permanent or semi-permanent can cause excessive scar balls (granulomas) that need to be removed surgically.

Dr. Ghavami believes strongly that you cannot re-shape the entire nose by way of fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Radiesse. There is absolutely no non-surgical substitute for a well-executed rhinoplasty. However, there is a role in non-surgical subtle nasal refinements for specific contour issues with a nose. It is unlikely that a non-surgical rhinoplasty will correct the overall shape when a real rhinoplasty is indicated, but some patients only require subtle filling of depressions or valleys of the nasal skin and cartilage instead of a complete rhinoplasty.

Fillers for the nose is best suited to patients who have had rhinoplasty and are still having very subtle contour issues such as a deep supratip or a depression on the bridge, tip, or nostril (alar rims) rims. In addition, some patients may benefit from temporary fillers to demonstrate some of the effects of a future rhinoplasty. For example, Dr. Ghavami can inject fillers to augment the bridge or project the tip in ethnic noses, which are wide and flat, to show the effects to a patient who is wary or is waiting to acquire the finances for a future rhinoplasty. The results are temporary but highly rewarding

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