Male Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

The number of rhinoplasty procedures performed on male patients has increased dramatically as men are becoming more comfortable with plastic surgery as a whole. While many men choose to undergo minor nasal modifications, some also desire a very specific and tailored nasal appearance. In general, male rhinoplasty should be even more subtle than female rhinoplasty to avoid any “telltale” signs that surgery was ever performed. It is important for men to know that altering the nose, particularly when it is prominent and excessively large for the face, can also serve an “anti-aging” effect. Men also have a higher rate of post-traumatic or post-injury nasal breathing issues. These can be corrected at the same time as a rhinoplasty. It is important to retain masculine features. Therefore, a hump reduction should not create any excessive curvature or sloping to the nasal profile line. The tip should not be overly elevated or excessively defined or narrowed.

The most common male rhinoplasty goals:

  • Reduce the nasal bridge
  • Elevate the nasal tip
  • Narrow the bridge
  • Subtle tip refinement if at all
  • Reduce bulky nostrils
  • Correct poor nasal breathing

When performed in a natural yet effective manner, male rhinoplasty can bring balance to the overall facial features and restore youth as well. Some men find that more balanced facial features can be helpful in their career, whether they are CEOs, actors, models, or musicians. For singers, please note that in Beverly Hills nose surgeon Dr. Ghavami’s experience, he has found that rhinoplasty along with improving nasal breathing commonly impacts a singing voice and power in a positive way. With less obstruction and deviation in the nose, the singing and speaking voice can have better nasal resonance.