Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Dr. Ghavami works with many patients of Middle Eastern descent who want to improve the appearance of their noses. Patients wanting Middle Eastern rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills come from as far away as Saudi Arabia, Dubai / United Arab Emirates, and North Africa. Other Middle Eastern patients ranging from Armenians, Persians and Arabs come from all over the U.S. as well as from countries ranging from the UK, Australia and numerous European nations. Despite the exact ethnic origin, the challenge of any ethnic rhinoplasty surgery is preserving the patient’s uniquely beautiful appearance without making them look too “westernized.” Dr. Ghavami has mastered the concepts of ethnic rhinoplasty and consistently strives to create beautiful results for his Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patients that they are proud of, but can also claim as “natural” if they choose to do so. Dr. Ghavami is used to patients denying their rhinoplasty since the results are so natural that they can be undetectable by others. Occasionally, some patients of Middle Eastern descent have very specific desires for their nasal shape (which may lean toward a more “westernized” appearance).

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Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty Candidates

Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patients, in general, tend to have larger, more prominent noses than Caucasians. They often have a large dorsal hump on the nose, which is very noticeable from a side view angle. Another common quality is a drooping nasal tip that droops more during smiling. Middle Eastern patients tend to have thick skin with excess tissue which can cause the tip to look undefined or bulbous. They may also have wide nostrils. All noses are different, so Dr. Ghavami tailors his treatment plan to the individual and his or her specific concerns. Middle Eastern rhinoplasty is much more complex than simply reducing the size of the nose and lifting the tip. If the nose is not shaped with the correct approach, then an unnatural appearance will be obvious and undesirable.

Many Middle Eastern rhinoplasty candidates face structural deformities that impair breathing. Dr. Ghavami can work with patients who have a deviated septum or other deformity that causes breathing problems. These can be treated with functional rhinoplasty surgery. In some cases, insurance may pay for a portion of the costs.

The Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty Procedure

The surgical techniques used vary based on the patient and his or her unique needs. Many patients want their nose to be resized to balance out the other facial features. The nasal dorsum (i.e., bridge of the nose) may be lowered if it is noticeably high. It is critical to not lower the bridge too much, however many patients need the whole nose to be “de-projected” or brought closer to the face, without creating an unnatural slope. The nasal tip can be elevated and defined, although the thick skin around this area can be difficult to work with. Fortunately, Dr. Ghavami has plenty of experience working with all types of skin and frequently lectures on the complexities of this topic. Custom tip grafts and selective nasal skin de-fatting are some of the techniques used.

Though it is helpful for Dr. Ghavami to understand the shared characteristics of Middle Eastern nasal appearance, he regards each patient individually and tailors the treatment plan and surgery to that individual’s needs and goals. He avoids using a blanket or “cookie cutter” approach; rather, he considers each person’s face as an original canvas.

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We are very fortunate to have patients visiting Dr. Ghavami from around the world to take advantage of his added experience in ethnic rhinoplasty of all kinds. If you are interested in receiving more information about Middle Eastern rhinoplasty surgery, please contact the office of Dr. Ashkan Ghavami today. You may email our practice or call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ghavami.

In addition to working with patients of Middle Eastern descent, Dr. Ghavami also offers Asian rhinoplasty, African American rhinoplasty, Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, Hispanic rhinoplasty and Anglo-Caucasian rhinoplasty.