Hispanic Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

The Los Angeles area has a substantial Latino population, and Dr. Ghavami has noticed a growing demand for Hispanic rhinoplasty in the past few years. His Hispanic rhinoplasty patients come to Beverly Hills from as far as Brazil and the far reaches of the United States. They most frequently request nose surgery to: a) enhance the appearance of their nose while retaining their overall Latin appearance; b) repair the results of a previously botched nose job; or c) treat a breathing issue or congenital defect.

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Because of Dr. Ghavami’s extensive rhinoplasty experience, he has a thorough understanding of the nuances to the Hispanic nose’s anatomy, features and skin type. A truly experienced rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Ghavami makes subtle aesthetic improvements while respecting – and preserving – his patients’ unique physical ethnic traits.

Hispanic Rhinoplasty Candidates

Individuals of Hispanic ethnicity have a range of different skin types and nasal shapes. One variation is the Mestizo nose, which is a mix of European and Indian-American characteristics. Many of Dr. Ghavami’s Hispanic rhinoplasty patients have a wide nasal bridge, a nasal hump or a bulbous tip. Weak cartilage may cause the tip of the nose to look wide and rounded. Hispanic rhinoplasty patients may also have large or flared nostrils.

Hispanic noses tend to have thicker and oilier skin than Caucasian noses. The limited elasticity of Hispanic skin (particularly of the thicker, Mestizo type) requires the specialization of a rhinoplasty surgeon who has a proven track record on shaping the nasal tip while working with less predictable skin. In particular, the thickness of the skin at the tip of the nose can prevent the skin from “hugging’ the cartilage frame tight to create a lot of tip definition. In this situation it is necessary to add custom designed cartilage grafts, secure them and place them strategically to produce the nasal shape and push out the thick skin. In addition, the skin itself can be thinned out safely. In the more Castilian (Spanish type) noses, an approach similar to reducing the size while lifting and shaping is necessary, much like Middle Eastern rhinoplasty.

The nose has a significant effect on the balance of the facial features; for example, a prominent nose may make the chin look small or recessed from a side view. Resizing the nose can bring the chin into better proportion with the rest of the face. This is most often required in large hump “Castilian’ type Hispanic noses.

Dr. Ghavami also works with Hispanic rhinoplasty candidates who have breathing issues because of a structural abnormality in the nose, from a previous poorly performed rhinoplasty, or because they have been injured.

The Hispanic Rhinoplasty Procedure

The goal of many Hispanic rhinoplasty procedures is to reshape and resize the nose so it flatters the face while preserving the beautiful traits of this ethnic group. A more refined nose will improve the proportion and harmony between facial features and balance out the face. Dr. Ghavami may narrow the nose and nostrils and refine the tip. A graft may be needed to add strength to a droopy tip. If the patient has a bump on his or her bridge, Dr. Ghavami will carefully smooth it out to not allow the bony and cartilage transitions to be obvious.

Because of the thick, oily nature of their skin, Hispanic rhinoplasty patients may have an overall slower healing process compared to Caucasian rhinoplasty patients. It may take longer for the final results to reveal themselves. Dr. Ghavami will design a custom massage program and taping regimen, as well as steroid injection into the nasal soft tissue if necessary to speed up the process.

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