Caucasian Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Dr. Ghavami sees many Anglo-Saxon / Caucasian rhinoplasty patients at his Beverly Hills practice. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery notes that 79 percent of all plastic surgery patients last year were Caucasian. As with other ethnicities, Caucasians can have many different needs and goals, including reshaping of their noses. Candidates will have varying degrees of skin thickness and nasal projection and nostril shape. Dr. Ghavami works closely with each patient to determine their goals and design a treatment plan to address these needs.

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Caucasian Rhinoplasty Candidates

Caucasian rhinoplasty patients usually identify with one of the following statements:

  • My nose is too big for my face (bridge and the tip).
  • I have a bump on the bridge of my nose.
  • The tip of my nose is unattractive or undefined.
  • I want my nostrils to look more symmetrical.
  • I was born with a birth defect in my nose that affects my breathing.
  • I injured or broke my nose in an accident or while playing a sport.

Dr. Ghavami works with different types of nose surgery candidates, including those with purely cosmetic goals as well as those in need of nose surgery due to breathing problems, injuries or congenital defects. Some of his patients have both cosmetic and functional needs. Dr. Ghavami’s exceptional understanding of nasal anatomy and surgical technique allows him to deliver excellent results to his Caucasian rhinoplasty patients.

It’s important to note that because rhinoplasty is a complex procedure, candidates should have realistic expectations of the outcome. Dr. Ghavami will explain what kind of result can be expected and what is not possible. This increases the chance that the patient will be satisfied with his or her results.

Caucasian Rhinoplasty

Caucasian patients have very different noses and nasal characteristics. Dr. Ghavami approaches each patient individually and selects surgical techniques that cater to his patient’s unique goals and needs. He avoids using a “cookie cutter” approach or taking any shortcuts; instead, he applies his in-depth training and many years of clinical experience to create beautiful and natural-looking results for his patients.

One challenge of Caucasian rhinoplasty is the often “thin” quality of the nasal skin. This can be an issue if the patient wants to enhance the nasal bridge and/or tip. Thinner skin is more likely to show cartilage graft edges and any framework abnormalities deep to the skin. It is imperative to camouflage grafts and create a soft frame structure that is only visible where it is desirable to be. Dr. Ghavami feels that thin skin is a plus since the results come earlier than in thick skin patients, with a lesser swelling period post-op. Conversely, many ethnic rhinoplasty patients have thick skin that is more forgiving but is also less-elastic and contractile. Dr. Ghavami will look for a creative solution to this challenge, such as natural grafting or reshaping the underlying nasal cartilage.

Consult with Dr. Ghavami

For more information about Caucasian rhinoplasty plastic surgeon Ashkan Ghavami is happy to speak with you during a surgical consultation. Contact our practice today via phone or email us for more details.

Dr. Ghavami works with a wide variety of ethnicities, including Hispanic rhinoplasty, African American rhinoplasty, Asian rhinoplasty and Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patients.