When Is a Nose Job “Functional” Rhinoplasty?

Most rhinoplasty surgeries performed in the United States are considered cosmetic because the patient is primarily concerned with improving the way his or her nose looks. However, many rhinoplasty surgeons like Dr. Ashkan Ghavami also perform “functional” rhinoplasty, which focuses on improving breathing and the overall functionality of the nose. In this blog, Dr. Ghavami explains why some patients need functional corrections to their nose — as well as how he performs these surgeries.

Why Some Patients Need Functional Rhinoplasty

The top reason why patients seek functional rhinoplasty is because they have a deviated septum. A septum is a line of cartilage that can develop crooked or become crooked due to an injury. Air does not pass through a crooked septum as easily, which can make breathing more difficult or irregular. Overly narrow nasal passages can also cause similar problems.

Another functional issue involves swollen turbinates. Comprised of blood vessels and bone, turbinates are a part of the nose responsible for keeping air warm and humid as it flows through the nose. A person who frequently suffers from allergies or infections may need to decrease the size of their turbinates to ensure that air flows evenly through both sides of their nose.

Finally, some functional rhinoplasties are nasal reconstructions. A nose that has suffered a traumatic injury or has a significant defect from birth can be corrected with surgery.

Types of Functional Rhinoplasty

To address a deviated septum, Dr. Ghavami performs septoplasty. This allows him to straighten the septum and remove any obstructions that pose breathing problems.

For enlarged turbinates, Dr. Ghavami usually performs turbinoplasty. This involves removing tiny, non-essential portions of the bone and using heat to shrink the overall size of the turbinates without disrupting the turbinates’ natural function.

Surgeries That Incorporate Functional and Cosmetic Techniques

It is not unusual for Dr. Ghavami to combine elements of functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty into a single procedure. In many cases, a nose that looks crooked from the outside also has misaligned structures internally. Hence, it makes sense to correct the full set of problems simultaneously.

Sometimes, a patient who needs functional rhinoplasty may decide to make some cosmetic adjustments since the nose is already being operated on. Alternatively, a patient who wants to remove a dorsal hump may decide to correct a deviated septum to improve breathing. By choosing a top rhinoplasty specialist like Dr. Ghavami, patients can merge the best elements of both into one successful procedure.

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