What to Know About Rhinoplasty Recovery

If you are considering getting rhinoplasty surgery, you may be interested to know what to expect during your recovery period. Patients are often anxious to return to their normal routines and want to see their results as soon as possible. However, downtime is an inevitable reality that comes with rhinoplasty, and knowing what to expect can ensure a safe and speedy recovery. In this post, Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami tells you what you should know about rhinoplasty recovery.

Initial Recovery Period

A cast or splint may be placed on the nose to give it support after the procedure. You can typically expect to return to work about a week or two after the procedure.

It’s normal to have some swelling and bruising after surgery. Some areas — particularly the tip of the nose — may remain swollen for longer than others.

You may see the final results from your surgery begin to form around the four- to six-week point, but residual swelling can persist for up to a year.

Activities to Avoid

Avoid strenuous exercise or other activities for two to three weeks after surgery. Be very careful and consult your plastic surgeon before resuming any activities that could involve accidental bumps to your nose, such as contact sports.

You should also avoid resting glasses or sunglasses on your nose for a month or more after your procedure. If you need to wear glasses, there are devices that can rest the frames on your cheeks; or you can tape them to your forehead.

Be Patient with Your Results

The swelling and bruising after your procedure will interfere with your results for a few months. You should be able to see most of your results about three months after your rhinoplasty surgery.

It is very important to be patient as your nose heals. Get plenty of rest and follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions. Doing so will make your recovery as safe and smooth as possible. It can take up to a year for your nose to fully heal but the final results will be worth the wait!

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