Rhinoplasty Video Gallery – Dr. Ashkan Ghavami

Dramatic Nose Job – In the Operating Room and Before Afters with Dr. Ghavami

Board Certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Ghavami, let’s us follow a dramatic nose makeover from pre-op to in the operating room as well as the beautiful results on an ethnic (Hispanic/Latina) patient. Dr. Ghavami is an Executive Board Member of the Rhinoplasty Society and is respected in the field of rhinoplasty, perhaps one of the most challenging types of plastic surgery performed.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is even more challenging as changes need to be worth it with customizing the technique to match each person’s desires as well as retaining the overall ethnic traits. It is important to not erase one’s identity but to enhance and balance the overall facial harmony and beauty. Dr. Ghavami states, “I want to celebrate all ethnicities and to allow the nose (which is in the center of the face) to not get in the way of the eyes and other features which can now shine!”


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