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2 Months Post-Op-African American Rhinoplasty

Early 2 Month Result Patient | African-American rhinoplasty is perhaps one of the most challenging types of nose surgery. It is crucial to not do too much or too little to the nose, but to perform the correct techniques so that the results are refinement and naturalness.

It is important to pay extra attention to the natural nostril curvature and to not distort or make this area look triangular and fake. The bridge of the nose and nasal tip both need augmentation and cartilage grafting. If cartilage grafts are not added to the nose to strengthen and shape it properly then there is a risk of getting collapse or weakness in the nose.

Michael Jackson’s nose is a good example of what can happen when too much cartilage is removed and the skin is overly thinned out. In Michael Jackson’s case, it is likely that the refinement of the tip was repeatedly and aggressively performed which eventually caused collapse and weakness as well as possibly trouble breathing.


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