The Most Common Complaints Patients Have About Their Nose

No two noses are exactly alike, so it should come as no surprise that people have a myriad of different thoughts about what they do not like about their nose. As a prominent rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami has heard hundreds of requests from patients during consultations, with certain complaints being mentioned more than others. Some of the most popular reasons that people want rhinoplasty include:

A Bump on the Bridge

Dorsal humps are usually genetic, but they can also be the consequence of an injury. Since many patients want to have a nose with a smooth slope, they will request that the bone and cartilage that compromise the dorsal hump be removed to achieve a sleek contour.

A Crooked Nose

Overall, symmetrical faces are considered to be more beautiful than asymmetrical faces, so it only makes sense that people would be concerned about nasal asymmetry. If a nose leans in one direction, Dr. Ghavami can realign it for a centered, balanced appearance.

A Nasal Tip That Points Downward

The projection of the nasal tip (i.e.,s the direction that the tip points) differs between women and men. Whereas most women have slightly upturned nasal tips, most men’s nasal tips point straight forward at a 90-degree angle. People of both genders who are born with downward-pointing nasal tips often wish to change the projection to improve the appearance of their nose. A similar request is common among people whose nasal projection does not correspond with their gender identity.

A Wide Bridge

A wider-than-average nasal bridge can make the nose look bigger and flatter than a person may want. By slightly shifting the bones closer, Dr. Ghavami can create a narrower nasal bridge that harmoniously fits the other proportions of the face.

Oversized Nostrils

Big, “flaring” nostrils can become a prominent feature on the face that a patient wishes to minimize. By repositioning cartilage and tissue, Dr. Ghavami can reshape the nostrils so that they are more proportional to the overall size of the nose and even improve symmetry between the nostrils.

Do You Share Any of These Concerns About Your Own Nose?

No matter which physical imperfections on your nose have inspired you to consider rhinoplasty, Dr. Ghavami almost certainly has solutions to make your nose more attractive and harmonious with your face. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is considered one of the foremost rhinoplasty specialists in southern California. To schedule a consultation at his Beverly Hills office, please call (310) 275-1959.

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