The Best Add-on Procedures for Your Rhinoplasty

It is natural to want to look great and show off your appearance after rhinoplasty. For some patients, that may require additional cosmetic treatments. Under the care of renowned rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Ghavami, patients can receive specialized add-on procedures that can enhance rhinoplasty results and improve the look of other features. If you are ready to look your best, consider the following procedures:

Chin Augmentation

The chin is a defining feature of the face and when it is out of proportion, it can negatively impact facial balance. Chin augmentation is performed to enhance the size of the chin and is ideal for treating small and receding chins. The procedure involves placing a small implant under the skin, improving the size, projection, and position of the chin. When chin augmentation is combined with rhinoplasty, the planes of the face are sculpted into more attractive contours, and you can expect an improved facial profile. Additionally, when you choose chin augmentation at Dr. Ghavami’s practice, you are selecting one of the few places in Los Angeles that is capable of performing genioplasty, a highly specialized chin augmentation technique.


Over time, the skin loses some of its youthful glow and plumpness due to reduced collagen production. This is a natural part of aging, but it can leave many people dissatisfied with their appearance. If you are undergoing rhinoplasty to improve your appearance, adding injectables to your treatment plan can help create the youthful look you desire. Injectables are excellent options for correcting volume loss under the eyes, which is often age related or the result of weight loss. Injectables are the ideal add-on procedure because they are non-surgical and offer a quick and effective solution for patients wishing to combat stubborn signs of aging in time to show off their rhinoplasty results.

Eyelid Surgery

When considering rhinoplasty, you may begin to wonder how you can improve other areas of the face to enhance your results. Many patients are unhappy with their undereye bags, but eyelid surgery can help restore a youthful look around the delicate eye area. These results coupled with the results from rhinoplasty can bring out your beauty and help you look your best for years to come.

Combine Cosmetic Treatments in Beverly Hills

When you consider rhinoplasty, other areas of cosmetic concern may be brought to light, and you may want to improve these areas all at once. This is why Dr. Ghavami offers rhinoplasty patients the opportunity to add on cosmetic procedures for even better results. Reveal natural, beautiful rhinoplasty results with Dr. Ghavami. To schedule a consultation, call our office or book an appointment online today

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