Differences Between Male and Female Rhinoplasties

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed on both men and women. While there are many similarities in how a rhinoplasty is performed on any patient, there are some differences in the anatomy and aesthetic goals of men and women.

In this post, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami discusses the differences between male and female rhinoplasties.

Male and Female Nose Structure

Men tend to have more prominent noses that are longer and have larger nostrils. However, the size and shape of the nose can vary widely among both men and women.

The nose also has to be in balance with the rest of the face, so other features must be considered. Women typically have less-pronounced brows and jaws, making a smaller nose congruent with their overall facial features.

Men may also be more likely to have sustained a nasal injury, which could result in a crooked nose or nasal breathing problems. A functional rhinoplasty can be performed to correct these issues while also adjusting the appearance of the nose.

Male and Female Rhinoplasty Goals

Many of the same surgical techniques can be used on both men and women during a rhinoplasty. That being said, an experienced plastic surgeon considers the aesthetic differences between men and women when determining how to achieve a patient’s desired appearance.

Both men and women may seek reduced nasal bridges, elevated nasal tips or nostril reduction. However, plastic surgeons approach each of these aesthetic goals slightly differently for male patients versus female patients.

Men generally want to retain their masculine features, so a hump reduction should not result in a sloped bridge, and the nasal tip should not be overly refined.

Achieving Ideal Rhinoplasty Results

Make sure your plastic surgeon understands your specific reasons for getting a rhinoplasty. Because rhinoplasty among women is more common, male rhinoplasty patients should make sure their plastic surgeon has experience performing the procedure on men.

Every patient has a unique facial structure and objectives when seeking a rhinoplasty. Contact Dr. Ghavami to discuss your rhinoplasty goals during an initial consultation. Call our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office at (310) 275-1959 today.

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