Common Myths About Rhinoplasty

Many myths persist about the rhinoplasty procedure, despite its popularity among patients of all ages. In this post, Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami discusses some common myths about rhinoplasty.

Myth #1: Nose Jobs Are Easy to Spot

You may have seen celebrities who underwent overly dramatic rhinoplasty surgeries or looked at pictures of nose jobs that appear unnatural. However, these results are far from the norm for a rhinoplasty procedure.

A properly performed rhinoplasty should appear natural and congruent with the proportions of your face. When you spot an obvious nose job, it’s generally the result of improper surgical technique or a nose shape that doesn’t fit with the patient’s facial structure.

Always view your plastic surgeon’s before-and-after photos to make sure their results are aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking.

Myth #2: All Rhinoplasty Surgeons Are Similar

Many plastic surgeons perform rhinoplasty procedures, but they don’t all have the same level of experience with the procedure. To make sure you get a plastic surgeon who has plenty of “in the trenches” experience performing rhinoplasties, ask him or her the following questions:

  • How much of the practice is spent performing rhinoplasties?
  • What is the surgeon’s experience handling revision rhinoplasty procedures?
  • Has the surgeon performed rhinoplasties on patients from a diverse set of ethnic groups, with different nose shapes?

Take the time to find a plastic surgeon that emphasizes rhinoplasty in his or her practice and whom you feel understands your goals.

Myth #3: You Can Have Any Type of Nose

You may think that a certain famous person’s nose is perfect and want to have your nose modeled after their appearance. It’s a good idea to bring these types of pictures to your rhinoplasty consultation, but someone else’s nose may not always be a good fit for your unique facial structure.

Part of a rhinoplasty surgeon’s job is to make sure you have realistic expectations. For example, ethnic rhinoplasty procedures are designed to keep a patient’s unique ethnic appearance while still improving balance and shape.

Understanding the limitations of the rhinoplasty procedure can help you avoid seeking an overly augmented appearance that may not match your desires.

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