Common Imperfections Rhinoplasty Can Fix

One of the things patients are surprised to learn about rhinoplasty is how versatile it is. Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a highly sought-after rhinoplasty surgeon in Beverly Hills, can address a number of perceived cosmetic imperfections, bringing the nose into harmony with the rest of the facial features.

In this post, Dr. Ghavami discusses five of the most common imperfections rhinoplasty can fix.

Oversized Nose

Perhaps the most common issue mentioned by rhinoplasty candidates is, “My nose is too large or long for my face.” A prominent or oversized nose often detracts from the other facial features, and it can make patients very self-conscious.

In these cases, Dr. Ghavami’s goal is to create a smaller and/or shorter nose, reducing the amount of space the nose takes up on the face. A patient’s nose should suit his or her face and complement the rest of the features.

Wide Nasal Bridge

Sometimes the bridge of the nose, or the space between the nasal tip and the area where it meets the forehead, appears too wide or flat for the patient’s liking. This is especially common in patients of African, Asian or Latino descent. Dr. Ghavami can reduce the width of the nose, giving it a more flattering shape.

Nasal Dorsal Hump

A nasal dorsal hump refers to a bump on the bridge of the nose (these bumps are often more noticeable when looking at the profile of the nose). Some nasal dorsal humps are present at birth and others appear later in life, after a nasal injury. Dr. Ghavami fixes the humps by reducing cartilage and/or bone to create a smoother, straighter line from the nasal tip to the forehead.

Rounded, Drooping or Upturned Nasal Tip

The nasal tip may be an area of concern if it appears upturned, droopy or overly rounded. Dr. Ghavami can adjust the size and/or angle of the tip by reducing and/or sculpting the cartilage.

Large or Asymmetrical Nostrils

Because they are at the center of the face, oversized or asymmetrical nostrils can be very distracting. Dr. Ghavami uses several different techniques to adjust the nostrils and improve the proportion between the nostrils and the rest of the nose.

Address Your Own Concerns with Dr. Ghavami

By no means is this list of concerns meant to be exhaustive. Rhinoplasty is completely individualized and can address a wide range of nasal imperfections. A surgeon of Dr. Ghavami’s caliber understands that every patient has unique concerns as well as ideas about what their nose should look like. With his experience, Dr. Ghavami can find the approach that works best for your own concerns and goals.

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