Can Rhinoplasty Make You Look Younger?

It’s no secret that rhinoplasty is a popular facial procedure used to improve the appearance of the nose. But what many potential patients are not aware of is that the procedure can also help turn back the clock. In fact, one study published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery found that rhinoplasty may make patients appear one and a half years younger.

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a renowned Beverly Hills rhinoplasty specialist and board certified plastic surgeon, has helped hundreds of patients look younger and rejuvenated with rhinoplasty. In this blog post, he explains how the aging process affects the nose and how anti-aging rhinoplasty can rejuvenate one’s appearance.

How Your Nose Changes as You Age

The effects of aging are typically less obvious on the nose than on other facial features (e.g., the eyelids, cheeks and neckline). But as you get older, cartilage and the other supporting structures of the nose weaken and shrink, causing the nasal tip to sag or droop. This in turn can cause the nose to appear longer from the profile view. Nasal drooping can make an existing nasal hump more pronounced. These changes, paired with the sagging of the skin and loss of bone density, fat and muscle tone on the surrounding facial features, can create a haggard and aged appearance.

How Dr. Ghavami Performs Anti-Aging Rhinoplasty

Dr. Ghavami believes in using an individualized approach when it comes to producing the most natural-looking and rejuvenating results with rhinoplasty. To do this, Dr. Ghavami looks at the patient’s nose, paying close attention to how its shape, size and position relate to the patient’s unique overall facial appearance. Changes in shape and size are made carefully in order to ensure the nose is proportionate to the other facial features. Many anti-aging rhinoplasty procedures are performed in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation treatments that focus on correcting aging signs around the nose, such as sagging cheeks and deep creases around the mouth.

Whether you wish to look younger or correct a cosmetic flaw or functional issue of the nose, Dr. Ghavami can meet with you to discuss whether rhinoplasty can help. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ghavami by calling (310) 275-1959 or emailing our office today.

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