Patient Results

Revision rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty
Tip and bridge narrowed using custom grafts. Nostrils refined and made more symmetric.

Natural Rhinoplasty

Natural Rhinoplasty
Large hump reduction with droopy tip elevation. Tip reshaped completely but with natural result.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Rhinoplasty
Dramatic tip and nasal lengthening and refinement. Diced cartilage fascia graft used to augment bridge. Natural results from major structural changes.

Teenage Rhinoplasty

Teenage Rhinoplasty
Dynamic tip elevation and refinement along with major bridge reduction and de-projection. Nose is now well balanced with face.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Rhinoplasty
Hanging, bulbous nasal tip, large hump on bridge and long appearing nose. Bridge reduced while refining and balancing the tip shape to match.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Rhinoplasty
Hooked Hispanic nose with droopy nasal tip and large dorsal hump on bridge corrected and reshaped with natural refinement techniques.

Welcoming Patients from Out of Town

Out of Town Plastic Surgery Beverly HillsDr. Ghavami and the Ghavami Plastic Surgery staff love having an ethnically diverse patient base. It is a delight to meet people from all over the globe. Word of Dr. Ghavami’s specialization – especially his skill in ethnic rhinoplasty – has spread quickly, to all corners of the earth. Patients travel from all over to have rhinoplasty with Dr. Ghavami. He has worked with patients from Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iran, Australia, Japan, China and other nations. Our office carefully coordinates with these out-of-town and overseas patients to provide virtual consultations prior to surgery. Our surgical coordinator will assist the rhinoplasty patient from beginning to end, and in the post-operative period. This accommodation makes the entire process smoother for both patient and doctor. Please keep in mind that it is mandatory to still make all attempts to follow up after your procedure, no matter how far you have traveled from. There are customized massaging, taping and steroid (Kenalog) injection sessions that can benefit some patients post-operatively.

Below are the steps for our out-of-town plastic surgery candidates.

Step 1: Email Your Requests and Photos

If you’re interested in having rhinoplasty with Dr. Ghavami, send us an email at Please include photos of your nose. We need one of each:

  • Front-facing view
  • Side view
  • Side view smiling (if you do not like your smile)
  • Slightly turned view (3/4 or oblique view)
  • View from below showing nostrils (“worm’s eye” view or basal view)

The photos should be taken against a solid (dark) background. We keep your photos completely confidential. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact our surgical coordinator by phone and/or email.

Step 2: Phone Consultation

After receiving your photos, our patient coordinator will schedule a phone consultation between you and Dr. Ghavami. Skype consultations are available for a slightly higher fee. Patients who live overseas may communicate via email; however, a phone or Skype consultation is necessary as well.

The purpose of the virtual consultation is for you to discuss your goals of the surgery with Dr. Ghavami. He will then provide you with a surgical assessment and a preliminary plan of treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Ghavami may not hold a license to practice medicine in your state or country, and this or any other communications do not serve as a substitute for proper medical diagnosis or treatment.

Our patient coordinator will give you a quote (range) for the cost of surgery and also discuss financing options with you after your consultation. The final cost is confirmed when you meet Dr. Ghavami in person prior to your surgery and rarely varies unless procedures are added or subtracted.

Step 3: Schedule Your Surgery

We strongly advise that you call 45 to 60 days in advance to secure a preferred surgery date. You will be asked for a non-refundable deposit to book your surgery. We also require that you arrive in Beverly Hills one to two days prior to your surgery for an in-person consultation with Dr. Ghavami.

Once your surgery has been scheduled, we will send you a pre-operative packet containing information and pre-operative instructions. We would like you to have pre-operative lab work performed and also seek medical clearance from your primary care physician (when applicable).

Our team is happy to coordinate your accommodations and aftercare, as well as recommend local restaurants and activities in the area for you to enjoy as you recover.

Post-Operative Care for Our Out-of-Town Patients

You should plan to stay in the area for 5 to 10 days after rhinoplasty surgery. If traveling from somewhere relatively close to the Los Angeles area, you may return home 1 to 2 days after surgery and return again at 6 to 7 days after the surgery date to have your splint and sutures removed. You should also arrange for a friend or loved one to accompany you to and from surgery.

We can arrange for you to stay in an aftercare facility with round-the-clock nursing care and meals. We can also coordinate transportation to and from our surgery center and to your post-operative follow-up visits with Dr. Ghavami.

Getting To and From Beverly Hills

We recommend that patients fly into either Los Angeles International (LAX) or Burbank (Bob Hope) airport. Both are within 20 miles of our practice in Beverly Hills.

Learn More – Contact Our Practice Today

If you do not live in the area, but would like Dr. Ghavami to perform your rhinoplasty surgery in Beverly Hills, please contact our office for more details. Call (310) 275-1959 or email our patient coordinator. (

Hazel E's New Nose after ATV accident
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